Soberano Jr. is here (to a big pop), and he’ll become teaming with Caristico and Valiente to take on Cavernario, Negro Casas and the person who took Blue Panther’s hair seven days ago, Sam Adonis. 10:56: Salomon Outlet UK SOBERANO JUST DID THE 900 ONTO CAVERNARIO, JUMPING More than A VALIENTE ROMERO SPECIAL ON CASAS TO TAKE ACTION! Soberano transmits Casas to the floor via hurricanrana and it’s Caristico-Sam Adonis period. For that Sam Adonis slams him hard in to the barricade and is now attacking him.

If CMLL had been wise, they’d drop the idea of Diamante Azul-Rush and utilize this match to set up an opponent for Sam at the Anniversary Show. 11:06: Sam finally got away, taobao chapest and Van Cleef Replicas now all five luchadors are shaking hands and taobao cosplay posing in the ring. 10:33: The Queen and Sugehit are back in the ring and are just tearing at each other’s mask like there is no tomorrow. Good start. I love where we’re going. 8:44: Oh yeah; there’s wrestling heading on. THE PROCEEDINGS Right here?

Mistico hits the ropes and right here comes the fast paced offense! Enter Mistico and Mephisto. What really does a puma look like? 11:38: Dragon Lee in with Mephisto. Grodd Bless Dragon Lee and Mistico. He chokes Mistico in the ropes and almost pulls his mask off. Roja accepts and Gran pulls off the mask again while Mistico watches from the ropes with a “can we get Rush and Diamante Azul back again out here” posture to him? Could possibly be good. They exchange slaps before Lee hits a back again kick and turns on the jets.

Casas transmits him to the ground and in comes Soberano for a strike exchange! 11:00: As I simply stated on Twitter, Soberano can be lifestyle, Soberano is lucha! 10:47: SOBERANO AND NEGRO CASAS TIME! 10:59: Soberano and Casas start once again. More strikes and nike kaufen kicks before Casas applies to a suplex.