Ceramics Dryers/Oven

Amir engineering offers various type of driers for ceramic product to control the moisture content as per customer requirement. Our dryer are specially designed for hot air circulation with Conical Fan or side wall ducting. Our Driers are useful to increase volume of production , reduce natural drying time & flexible furniture to accommodate various product size.

Type of Ceramic dryers

1. Green Ware drier
2. Mould dryer
3. Crucible dryer
4. Spray dryer
5. Forced dryer
  • Dryer Dimesnions up to 25m (L) X 5m(W) X 5m(H)
  • Temperature: up to 300°C
  • Air Circulation system: Conical or Ducting system
  • Insulation: Insulated Panel with Rock wool pad
  • Combustion System: Volume Flow Control
  • Fuel: Natural Gas, LPG or other gases.

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