Producer Gas Plant(Gasifier)

Producer Gasis cheapest fuel and can substitute Furnace Oil, LDO, Kerosene, other fuel and other gases. It is ideally adopted to industrial heating operation, because of its uniformity, cleanliness and depend ability.

In Gasification process, biomass is converted into a mixture of gases through a thermo-chemical reaction called producer gas consisting of combustible gases mainly hydrogen, carbon mono oxide and methane, non-combustible gases nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. The essence of gasification process is the conversion of solid carbon fuels into carbon monoxide by thermo chemical process. The gasification of solid fuel is accomplished in air sealed, closed chamber, under slight suction or pressure relative to ambient pressure This technology enables you to directly treat Green Wood / Biomass having moisture content of 10-15% without using a drying process.

Amir Engineering provide design, Manufacturing & commissioning of producer gas plant from 3 Lakh Kilo Calories to 40 Lakh Kilo Calories as per customer requirement.

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